For more than 100 years, dental professionals have trusted our products to improve their working efficiency and enhance their practices. That history of innovation and service took on a new shape with the creation of DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions.

DentalEZ is committed to serve as a high-performance partner to the dental industry. A partner with innovative products and services to elevate dental efficiency to new and higher levels.

The DentalEZ Product Lines:

DentalEZ Equipment
DentalEZ® produces dental operatory systems, including cabinets, patient chairs, and delivery equipment used in the dental office. This doctor and patient-friendly equipment creates an ergonomically sound, hygienic and organized work environment. Den-Tal-Ez Manufacturing Company was founded in 1958 by Des Moines inventor John Naughton, who collaborated with Dr. John Anderson to develop his now-famous J-Chair®. By allowing the dentist to sit next to a reclined patient, the chair greatly reduced the strain on the dentist's neck and back while enhancing the comfort of the patient. The rest is dental history. The 100,000th J-Chair, once displayed at the Smithsonian Institution, now resides atthe Dr. Samuel Harris National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore.


NevinLabs Workstations
NevinLabs™ has been designing, building and installing modular steel cabinets and workstations for dental laboratories for over 85 years. Among Nevin's customers are both commercial and dental office laboratories, as well as vocational schools, universities, Veterans Administration, Military hospitals and clinics.


RAMVAC Utility
RAMVAC® builds a full spectrum of 100% water-free dental vacuum equipment designed for decades of maximum reliability. Whether you're a single dentist or need a custom, computer controlled, state-of-the-art system for a dental school or large military clinic, there's a RAMVAC with power guaranteed to meet your needs. Top of the line technology and extra sturdy construction yields unmatched efficiency, performance and overall economy.

StarDental Instruments
StarDental® designs and manufactures a complete line of high and low speed dental handpieces. StarDental has manufactured dental specialties since its beginning in Lancaster in 1889. It has provided numerous innovations to the industry, and has pioneered such products as fiber optics, Sonic Scalers and LubeFree handpieces.

Years ago, we revolutionized dentistry with the introduction of the J-Chair. Today, the revolution continues with each generation of products from DentalEZ, all designed to heighten operatory efficiency and bring value and high performance to dental offices well into the next century.