Going Green with DentalEZ Integrated Solutions! Below are the eco-friendly attributes of DentalEZ products.

430-swl-ecoStarDental® LubeFree High-Speed Handpieces

StarDental was the first, and is the leading manufacturer of dental handpieces which do not require lubrication. Our LubeFree line is a perfect example.By using our LubeFree handpieces, you also substantially reduce the waste of additional oil cans.

StarDental® LubeFree Low-Speed Handpieces

As stated above, all of our LubeFree handpieces require no lubrication.

StarDental® LubeFree Prophy Star® 3 Hygiene Handpiece

The Prophy Star 3 is also LubeFree.


StarDental® StarBright® Fiber Optic System

The StarBright FO Controller features a new switching power supply which eliminates up to 75% of energy used by a traditional power supply. Unlike traditional electronic power supplies which draw continual power consumption while plugged in, the switching power supply manages power needs by drawing electricity only when called for. It cuts no-load losses in charger applications by up to 97%, resulting in significant energy conservation.

StarDental® StarBright® LED Swivel & Replacement bulbEnergy efficient! Lasts 10 times longer than a halogen bulb.


EverLight® LED Dental Operatory Light

Life Expectancy of an LED light is around 30,000 hours - compare that number to a mere 3,000 hours for typical halogen! By using an LED light, you can eliminate the disposal of used light bulbs and reduce all that extra waste. Our EverLight LEDs do not emit any UV Radiation, versus halogen bulbs where UV Radiation is about 90% of the energy they emit.

The EverLight uses less than 35 watts of energy, that’s 70% less energy used when compared to the halogen light that uses a whopping 150watts. The EverLight uses 12 LED lights that are appropriately spaced to produce a cool white light that emits virtually no heat and does not require a cooling fan.

Dental Chairs & Stools- Ultraleather Upholstery

A healthier choice for indoor environments, products from Ultrafabrics, LLC provide a reliable investment guaranteeing product longevity, decreased waste, and costs for replacement. The breathable, PVC free, and the low VOC performance attributes of Ultrafabrics products ensure a sustainable presence within your inner and outer environment. Greenguard certified!


Dental Dry Vacuum Pumps

Completely Water-Free- that means big savings for your dental office by substantially reducing water and sewage consumption. Our dental vacuums also run at a much lower RPM than most others, making it more energy efficient.

Badger Dental Dry Vacuum System

LubeFree Waterless dental dry vacuum system reduces water and sewage consumption.

Osprey™ LubeFree Compressors

LubeFree/Oil-less heads eliminate the need for lubrication, eliminating pollution and waste of oil cans. Osprey compressors offer the cleanest driest air in the industry.

RAMVAC® SlugBuster™ Line Cleaner

The SlugBuster uses Chelators which actually suspend mercury, making for a safer discharge. SlugBuster also softens water for better cleaning and it is biodegradable.