Simplicity® Hygiene Unit

With the Simplicity® Hygiene Package, everything is located within easy reach!

Package will include Simplicity Chair, Unit, Light

Delivery Unit
  • New Simplicity head with 2 HP’s, SE, ultrasonic scaler (hygiene unit only) and syringe allows optimum access to patients
  • New unit arms provide space for the vacuum lines to run internally to the unit head
  • Operators delivery unit head with two handpiece control block
  • Autoclavable three-way syringe enhances safety
  • Utility center with regulators and filter optimizes control
  • Master on/off switch eliminates errors
  • Flex arm with air lock permits stable operation and easier access
  • All DentalEZ Delivery Systems come standard with BioFree tubing, physically imbedded with silver ions, on all internal water lines and handpiece tubings. This suppresses the growth of bacteria, minimizes the need for flushing and the use of corrosive chemicals, and reduces line clogging, water flow restrictions and sticky handpieces.

  • Unit-mounted touch pad control permits fast, easy operation
  • 3rd handpiece position extends versatility of delivery unit
  • Clean water system for improved hygiene
Ultrasonic Integrated Scaler
  • The DentalEZ Ultrasonic Integrated Scaler Unit utilizes reliable, proven magnetostrictive
  • The zero footprint internal design using an electronic module that is fully integrated into the dental treatment unit saves valuable treatment room countertop space.
  • Full magnetostrictive power is available at the handpiece to effectively remove plaque, calculus and other deposits quickly and completely.
  • Compatible with both Parkell inserts and Cavitron®* 30K inserts for your choice of manufacturer.
  • Removable, autoclavable handpiece sheathes using easy to replace design assure that proper treatment room infection control protocol is followed.
  • A shared foot control with the chair’s air rheostat means less clutter on the treatment room floor.