Dental Lights Comparison




Product Name EverLight LED Light Simplicity Light
Warranty 3 year warranty with 6
years on the light
engine (switches, LED,
driver, lens/LED)
3 years (excluding bulb)
Mounting Chair, Unit, Magellan, Ceiling, Cabinet, Track, Wall Chair, Unit, Magellan, Ceiling, Cabinet, Track, Wall
Lamp Type 12 LED's Halogen
Input Voltage Switchable 115 or 230VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage <35W Max 150W
Color Temperature 3200°Kelvin, 4300°Kelvin,
4200 - 5500°Kelvin nominal +/- 500°Kelvin
Light Intensity Low: 8,000 Lux(743 FC)
Medium: 15,000 Lux(1394)
High:20,000 Lux(1859 FC)
15,000 - 32,000 Lux
Focal Length 27 inches 20 - 40 inches from the shield
Illumination Area 3.5 inches by 6.5 inches 3 inches by 6 inches
Bulb Replacement Replace entire Color
Side or Intensity
Side(includes 6 LED's)
Easy bulb replacement
Adjustment Dual Touchpads for color temperature and intensity adjustments Toggle for Light Intensity - low/high
On/Off Control Conveniently located longer On/Off Toggle Switch Manual only

(866) 383-4636 opt. 3