DentalEZ® Generation™ Stools

Choosing the right operator and assistant dental stools can help put you in the correct positions for maximum efficiency and comfort, and reduce physical strain. DentalEZ® Generation™ stools are ergonomically engineered to enable users to position themselves properly for virtually any procedure while minimizing stresses or strains related to the dental practice.

  • Broad caster base and five casters to improve stability during position changes
  • Complete mobility to allow movement around the patient’s head, minimizing stressful positions
  • Adjustable back support on doctor’s stools to facilitate balanced posture (back support is optional on Premium assistant stools)
  • Easy height adjustment allowing relaxed positions for multiple operators while maintaining visual access to the oral cavity
  • Side body support on assistant stools to allow comfortable, stable positioning during activities such as suctioning or retracting
  • The DentalEZ system approach can eliminate Class IV and V movements for optimum ergonomic benefit
  • Comfort and Comfort-Plus upholstery provides a greater degree of comfort and support


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