Elbow Support

Free-Motion Elbow Support from DentalEZ®

Imagine working with complete freedom of motion but without exertion in your neck, back and shoulder muscles.
Highly supportive, the Free Motion Elbow Supports from DentalEZ® were designed specifically for dental professionals.
  • The DentalEZ Free-Motion Elbow Support attaches to any stool cylinder and supports the elbow of the dental professional without limiting movement or interfering with the procedure.
  • Designed to reduce muscular tension and fatigue, the Free Motion Dual Elbow Support System features free moving,height-adjustable elbow supports that follow your every move without restriction, yet provides total support and stability for your arms and shoulders.
  • High-strength design with solid steel components
  • Clamps onto the riser of any dental stool in minutes with wrench provided
  • Tension adjustment knobs allow elbow rests to swing horizontally with resistance adjustable from zero to fully fixed
  • Telescoping elbow height adjustment locks in place quickly and securely with simple thumb lever
  • Integral skin-foam technology features a non-slip texture that is easy to disinfect and fluid-proof
  • Ball joint mechanism that lets the elbow support move horizontally
  • Urethane gel pads are comfortable and absorb vibrations from vibrating instruments (ultrasound, polishing devices, drills, etc.)