Grinding Hoods

325 Lathe Grinding Hood

For connection to blast gate in back shelf with 3” duct opening. Constructed of polyethylene with adjustable Plexiglas spatter shield.

326 Lathe Grinding Hood

For use with workstations with 2” benchtop duct opening. Includes adjustable spatter shield.

No. 9200S Removeable Front Scoop (with optional No. 323M adjustable magnifier)

For use with workstations with a 2” duct in front frame. Plexiglass shield easily replaced when necessary. Optional No. 323M adjustable lens magnifies image 2.5X.

360 Monomer Fume Hood

Noxious monomer fumes can cause headaches, light-headedness, skin and respiratory irritation. This self-contained hood with a replaceable charcoal filter absorbs monomer fumes. Lighted power switch operates the quiet fan which draws fumes into the filter. Measures 12”W x 9”D x 61/2”H.

9100 DS Desktop Hood

For use on workstations with a 2” benchtop duct opening. Includes Plexiglass shield.

80502 Benchtop Polishing Hood (with Suction and Light)

This unit makes your existing lathe OSHA compliant. Features quiet, powerful built-in suction, lighting, safety switch. Non-rusting polycarbonate body with steel chassis. 193/4”H x 311/2”W x 193/4”D.




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