Dental Dry Vacuum Units

Why select a RAMVAC® dental dry vacuum?

Listen to RAMVAC VFD comparison: icon RAMVAC-VFD comparison (2.26 MB 2012-07-19)

Lowest Cost Vacuum

•    Longest service life
•    Highest efficiency
•    100% Water-Free
•    Zero water and sewer usage charges
•    No backflow preventer (RPZ) valves
•    Half the electrical costs of water ring pumps and turbines


•    Proven performance for over 40 years
•    10 year "No-Fail-No-Wear-Out" Pump Warranty
•    Exclusive low-speed, heavy-duty, oil-lubricated rotary-vane pumps


•    Will meet or exceed the performance of any other vacuum system available today (When sized and selected according to RAMVAC recommendations.)