We build the Bison dental dry vacuum for those who demand heavy-duty, large facility power in a rugged, compact chassis. Driven by a hefty industrial frame motor, Bison pumps are guaranteed to perform. These high output systems are engineered to serve for decades and they’re protected by RAMVAC’s exclusive 10-year no-fail, no-wear-out pump warranty. If you demand longevity, efficiency and unmatched treatment room performance for up to nine doctors plus staff, you’re in the right pasture with the Bison.

  • 100% water free.
  • 10 year no-fail, no wear-out pump warranty.
  • Complete system UL 544 (Dental Equipment) Listed and FDA registered.
  • Federal users please call.
  • Please call for Installation Guide and/or bid specifications.

Patents 4,963,094 and 5,282,744 FDA Medical Device Registration K895876 UL Listed Dental Vacuum System File E122487