Barracuda Dual Water Ring Pumps

NOW with a 5-year limited warranty from date of installation.

Reliable, Long-Life Dental Water Ring Pumps: Our Dual Dental Vacuum System incorporates two water injected pumps in one easily installed cabinet. The system offers full single pump operation with the second pump providing backup protection or extra power for occasional heavy demand.

  • Quiet and compact
  • Long life, chemical resistant brass impeller and housing
  • Dual Pump for optimum performance and reliability with powerful vacuum levels during peak operating hours and 100% back up should one motor fail.
  • Sealed bearings in motor
  • Frame provides easier access to motors for maintenance and transport

Optional top shelf with a 300 lb. capacity for stacking compressor

Optional Optional Air/Water Separator

Functions as an air/water and nitrous oxide separator.

Optional Water Recirculator

The DentalEZ Water Recirculator reduces water consumption by approximately 80% without sacrificing high vacuum power. Easy 4-step installation with no mounting hardware required.

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