HiFlo® Fiber-Optic Swivel

  • 360° HiFlo® Quick-Connect Swivel with air flow design for increased turbine power! Fully compatible with all StarDental Fiber Optic Handpieces currently using swivels.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel and Brass Construction: The HiFlo Fiber Optic Swivel is fully autoclavable… even with the lamp installed!
  • Fused Rod Fiber Optics to promote longer swivel life.
  • One Piece Modular Lamp was designed to withstand the rigors of autoclaving and chemiclaving. There is no need to remove the lamp prior to sterilization.
  • Built-in anti-retraction valve eliminates the possibility of patient cross-contamination.
  • The HiFlo Fiber Optic Swivels fit any StarDental Fiber Optic swivel handpiece, any ISO/C (4-Line or 6-Pin) tubing and operate with 3.1 and 3.3 volt DC fiber optic light controls.