Turbine with Ceramic Ball Bearings

Ceramic handpiece ball bearing turbines are offered in both our lubricated and LubeFree handpieces. Ceramic is the hardest, yet lightest material of any ball bearing used today, for extended handpiece turbine life. StarDental is the originator of utilizing ceramic ball bearings in handpiece turbines.

430 SWL & Turbine Combo Pack! Purchase a replacement turbine with your handpiece, and save as much as 50% off the turbine price with, use part #265721.

Always use genuine StarDental parts - turbines maintain their quality standards, are electronically balanced, and are checked by our highly skilled technicians. Look for the star on our turbines to verify authentic StarDental turbines.

Register your replacement turbine when you start using it. Install the turbine, visit our site and register the serial number. No need to provide your manufacturer’s invoice to prove when you purchased the turbine.