Titan® 3

Low-Speed Handpiece System Flexibility

100 - 5,000 or 100-20,000 rpm (depending on motor) speed range capability, requiring only a minimum of attachments to meet a variety of procedural needs.

Low-Speed Handpiece LubeFree Angles

Minimizes operator downtime and reduces costs relative to other handpieces.

LubeFree Handpiece Motor

Available in 5K or 20K.

LubeFree Low-Speed Handpiece Straight Nose Cone, Motor-to-Angle Adapter and Torque Multiplier

Reduces maintenance time and the high cost of repeated lubrication.

Better Performance Under Load (Torque)

Less likely to stall under higher torque requirements than other low speed motors.


Safeguards operator and patient from cross-contamination.

360° Quick Connect Swivel

Reduces tubing drag for optimum operator comfort, and enables quick disconnection of the handpiece for sterilization.



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